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Get Pre-Approved

The first step in purchasing a home is getting a pre-approval from a reputable, local lender. It lays the foundation for the entire home buying process!

Pre-Approved vs. Pre-Qualified

It's important to remember that a mortgage pre-approval is not the same as getting pre-qualified. When your loan is pre-qualified, all that means is the lender has given you an estimate of how much you can afford based on the information you verbally provide them. Your income and assets have not been verified.

However, when a mortgage is pre-approved, you have filled out an official mortgage application. Your lender has pulled and verified your credit, bank statements, tax returns and other important documentation to approve you for a specific loan amount.

Know Your Number

Another benefit of getting pre-approved is that you know how much home you can afford. It allows you to set a budget, manage your expectations and find a home that is in your price range. Knowing your number will reduce the stress of shopping for homes by keeping your search focused.

Most Sellers Require It

You found your dream home and want to submit an offer asap! Don't have a pre-approval? Most sellers will not accept an offer without one! They want to know that you can afford the home and can actually close. Make your offer attractive from the start by being pre-approved.

Who Do I Call

When buying a home, it’s important to consider using a local mortgage lender who has a great reputation, and can match you with a mortgage product that will best suit your needs. There are many different types of mortgages available. Each loan varies from the amount of money needed down, to the acceptable debt-to-income ratios, first time home buyer programs and everything in between.

Ready to get started?

I have several mortgage partners who I am happy to recommend for your financing needs. Contact me and I can help you get the ball rolling on your mortgage pre-approval today!